General Practice Victoria (GPV) is a state level organisation working with Medicare Locals to better integrate general practice, other primary health care providers and the broader state health system to meet the healthcare needs of the Victorian Community.


Established in 1998, GPV was funded under the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) Divisions of General Practice Program to act as the peak body for Divisions of General Practice in Victoria.


The Divisions of General Practice program resulted in greater involvement of general practitioners in health policy development, planning and delivery of health services at a local and regional level, collaborations with other health and aged care agencies and the management of a range of programs.


In 2011, the Commonwealth and state and territory governments signed the National Health Reform Agreement, which introduced Medicare Locals and redirected funding from the Divisions of General Practice program to Medicare Locals.


Building on the work of Divisions, Medicare Locals are primary health care organisations established to co-ordinate primary health care delivery by linking up services and addressing local health care needs and service gaps. 


Funded primarily by the Victorian Department of Health, GPV transitioned to a new company, Networking Health Victoria (NHV) in December 2013.


NHV will support Victoria’s Medicare Locals to have a sound and productive working relationship with the state government; and will act as a secretariat for Victorian Medicare Locals.


NHV will also build on the work of GPV by providing a mechanism for state level health organisations to build relationships and communicate with Medicare Locals with a view to strengthening primary health care in Victoria.


To view the Networking Health Victoria website please click here.

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